Thousand Oaks Chen Yizhou want to buy tianya com domain name station network April 15th news   recently, reportedly 1000 rubber group began to frequent contact with holding company, to buy the domain name as the theme of "community development" purposes. At present, the two sides reached a basic agreement on the purchase price, but not publicly.

seems to be a new round of Chen Yizhou cottage network campaign began, the success of the cottage happy network battle, but also gave him a challenge to the end of the community inspiration.

, happy net and "copycat" happy net


last May, "happy net" founded on the line, it still follows the American social networking site FACEBOOK mode in many domestic SNS sites seem unexciting, but with its built-in Web game attracted users. Happy net rapid development in half a year, has become the Chinese SNS industry a "dark horse", this amazing development speed let the envy of many, also let a lot of people have more, so many people are excited, then we copy it in like a swarm of bees, but happy net first in a large number of users. It has accumulated under the situation, the SNS website to compete for users with a short duration of time, non thing, want to repeat its success, seems to have been impossible.

looked at the happy net ( and the flow of every day increased, acquisition of campus network and Chen Yizhou is also jealous, spend high price to buy the domain name, start another (the copycat version) almost as like as two peas happy net. Under the threat of domain name, the real happy network began to lose a large number of users, users began to flow to Chen Yizhou’s cottage happy network. Stained with the light of the domain name, in the minds of ordinary netizens, Chen Yizhou’s cottage happy network became a regular army, and the real happy network has become a cottage happy network. So a good domain name on the Internet in the competition of power is so amazing. The domain name event is the industry’s reputation as the most influential in the past two years, the domain name event.

coveted, Chen Yizhou wants to challenge the Tianya

Chen Yizhou recently to buy domain name rumors is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. estimation. In the cottage version of the happy network after the success, Chen Yizhou seems to taste the sweetness of a good domain name, then hit the idea from the domain name!   Chen Yizhou’s Thousand Oaks group is the main business of the Internet community, is known as "the first Chinese interactive entertainment portal" called the community under the flag, it is famous Chinese community and the community, because since the two different styles, but also live in peace. But at the end of the "global Chinese online home" "the world’s most influential Chinese forum" the halo, is short by a large margin.

go to the beginning of the pornographic incident, let the Tianya community ", did not add fuel to the flames" red, the global Chinese every day in.

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