Judge the company’s 9 Principles

last year, the year before last, the bubble is very large, a large number of redundant social capital into angel investment. Last year, more than 70 thousand companies founded, with about 874 companies to get the angel round, surviving number less than 5% to get the next round of financing?.

called the capital of the cold winter, on average, each run a sieve off 3/4, basically the global average number. For example, the 1000 round of the angel, to the A round of the remaining 250, B wheel, in addition to about 60 or so, the basic is such a figure.

here is the most critical, there is the weight of the 60%-70% team. Trend, English is timing (timing, point), which is to determine the success of the project 20%. Basically every 7 years, the economic cycle will fluctuate.

in the past, to enter the billion dollar club, spent a very long time, up to 30 years, 40 years. With the wave of the last wave of mobile Internet, from the original 40 years, shortened to 12 years, such as BAT. The next billion level companies, may appear in 7 years, with the development of new technologies, great companies will continue to emerge.

but if it is a business model innovation, it is difficult. Hundreds of billions of dollars in the event of a high probability of the company is still a technology driven company. Uber is the integration of technological innovation and business model innovation, the current valuation of $55 billion.

evaluation of the project’s 9 Principles

1, the upstream and downstream industry chain of the enterprise and business partner with business relationship;

2, equity structure is reasonable;

companies do more successful, the higher the level of the circle of friends around, the higher the level of employment, to do business with a horse like a horse, to a period of time the horse to change.

founding team each person’s growth rate is not the same, who will lead to the future who listen to the problem. You are the boss, you later found 40% of the shares, I accounted for 20%, but 80% of the company’s profit is what I do, it may last for two years, nice said "boss, we adjust the equity", this situation is unlikely to occur in China. May the second rebellion, go out alone, then the enterprise broke down.

equity exit mechanism, which is very important. Most China enterprises do not set this one, a bit like Liangshan, brothers in one thing together, blood would have. How the future is a way of exit, amnesty or? If nothing to speak clearly, will give future lay a huge burden.

you see the news will see which agencies to kill CEO, this situation will be more and more in China in the future.

3, leadership is the core issue of CEO;

his partner ability is more than him, or less than him? If the partner level is more than he, Congratulations, this is a good leader. If he is in public

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