Do you really know micro blog marketing He knows An anti acne cream sold 100 million yuan

I horse review: in micro-blog, a cosmetics brand is impressive, it is WIS, when you don’t pay attention to it, but micro-blog has its advertising. With the micro-blog platform marketing, this new brand currently has 3 million 500 thousand fans, two years ago Taobao cosmetics industry reached 20. How did this happen?

Li Wenxiang, a 88 year old boy, was printed on his business card as general manager of Guangzhou screen Biotechnology Co., ltd.. Mention this, it may be very few people are familiar with, but if it comes to micro-blog cosmetics brand – WIS, I believe a lot of micro-blog users will not be unfamiliar.

The success of

entrepreneurs is similar, but the process of entrepreneurship is different. Remember a class meeting at the entrance of the University, Li Wenxiang in his campaign speeches, so the monitor said: "I will set up a technical team with the university graduation must earn money to buy a car, carrying the graduation certificate to go home, then set up the first company." Of course, here, in the days after Li Wenxiang realized.


brand was born in just two years, with the micro-blog platform, WIS has become the grassroots star, currently fans has reached the 3 million 500 thousand level, run fast. The brand launched the Li Wenxiang team, the only acne Indian Consumer, with less than 20 kinds of goods, all the way to the finals before the 20 Taobao cosmetics industry, one of acne category, annual sales exceeded billion yuan.

so, how can a new brand rise rapidly in just two years?

Cheats: focus on the trend to identify the location of

accurate positioning of a product, you can bring the right product to the crowd. WIS positioning precision in a focus on solving the problem of young people suffering from the skin of the brand, that is, young + repair skin". The positioning of the product will also affect the marketing strategy, the development of ideas, etc., because of the precise positioning of WIS, it is precisely to put on the sale and marketing.

graduated in 2011, Li Wenxiang will smell the micro-blog business, micro-blog is in the start of the intermediary platform – micro Kai Chong, intermediary for a variety of group purchase website, shopping guide website, micro-blog connect with the business.

however, such an intermediary platform has always been unable to let Li Wenxiang steadfast, always feel there is no foundation on micro-blog." At this time, with the success of micro-blog millet phone. He realized: micro-blog is a suitable brand exposure, suitable for brand awareness, brand growth platform." Why not also do its own brand? So, Li at the initiation of a new business idea.


brand is no problem, to do that which category? The first question, Li at heart and a spate of mark. "I noticed that on micro-blog promotion is done very much, at the same time we serve customers in micro Kai Chong also many cosmetics brands, the micro-blog promotion effects are more significant. We also >

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