Baidu Robin Li voice over the next five years the image search will exceed the text

Sina Technology News September 3rd morning news, Baidu World Congress held in Beijing in 2014. The theme of this conference is to embrace the mobile era, to create a mobile platform to connect people and services. Baidu CEO Robin Li at the meeting revealed that the next five years, the voice image search will exceed the text, and the current Baidu search request from the voice of the search for 10%.

in the mobile era, the user’s consumer behavior has undergone tremendous changes, not only tend to mobile search, while more diversified in the form of search. In the search, the user through the terminal to grasp the key words through Baidu search to find services for more than and 10 years. And now the mobile Internet brings new possibilities for search, such as voice and image search.

he said that the current Baidu 10% search request is the voice form, and the use of the form of the number of times a day can be up to 500 times, more children in the form of search. Voice has two hundred thousand years of history, is a natural and low threshold expression, today can be used to express the PC and mobile end of the search for another form of image search. Baidu can now support the way to take pictures through the image content search, such as photographed furniture, handicrafts, flowers, etc. to understand the specific information of the object.

over the past half century, the speed of innovation is accelerating, the technical threshold continues to rise, and the user’s use of the threshold is reduced, the modern way of expression of diverse needs, from text, voice to image. Over the next five years the use of voice image search will exceed the text.

over the past year, changes in consumer demand is more and more people in the mobile search service, from July 2013 to July 2014, the user’s demand for Baidu search increased by 133%.

Robin Li pointed out that the traditional service industry is actively embracing the mobile Internet through mobile stations, native APP and third party platform.

in the mobile station, he cited jiameidental, over the past year is the PC end mobile terminal traffic growth of 4 times, but the flow of new customers moving end of the conversion rate of less than 50% of PC. However, he said the conversion rate of the mobile station is low, how to solve this problem for different companies have different answers.

in terms of native APP, because the lower utilization rate is a high threshold of OCS way; in the third party platform, for example, to participate in the activities of the group purchase of his new spicy fish Hot pot, xinladao under a lot of cost through public means, touch up users, do market activities for third party development with at least one april.

he said that the use of the public number is that the market and consumer demand changes too fast, the cost of the third party and the threshold are relatively high, while personalized service is limited, low efficiency.

in recent years, we deeply feel the impact and impact of the mobile Internet tide, especially to many traditional industries have a huge impact." Robin Li said. Most of the guests from the traditional industry, entertainment, finance

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