To promote the most practical way to promote the 88 sites

Description: This article by some of my original, other content collection, integration of the popular online or relatively new Yin promotion methods, can also be regarded as an article on the promotion of the website of the article. I hope the advertising can not find clues to the webmaster can help. Well, nonsense, get on the floor.

of course, you use a good one or a few of them can be successful, so that we can according to their own conditions and external environment, choose the most suitable for you, if it is better for you.

1, search engine promotion law – preferred. Novice webmaster, keen is the basic method. Search the site’s function is to integrate the network resources, to find the most suitable web site content, to other sites with traffic is its unexpected side effects. Many webmasters website promotion section, seems to have become SEO area. SEO is the best way to code web page code, access speed, the content of the unique duplication, useful for users, but also a unique.

2, QQ group website promotion method. With dozens of QQ, each QQ to join dozens of groups, every day to send a website. An average of 50 qq* each QQ add a group of * * * each group of 50 people to watch =75000. If the QQ more, join the group more, join a large group, the number of each group is more, then better publicity. Even excluding online QQ users, the effect should not be underestimated. Bear, not afraid of being kicked. The other is in the QQ group is able to send a group of e-mail, you can put your site on the highlights of the content in the mail recommended.

3, soft website promotion method. Write an article, or cite a good article, which cleverly add their own web site.

4, blog site promotion method. Soft Wen to have published. One is sent to the forum, the article stand, one is sent to the blog. There is a benefit to the blog, will not be deleted. My site in the zblog sent help or help post.

5, media website promotion method. Let the traditional media, newspapers, television, radio, etc..

6, mobile website promotion method. WAP website, bulk SMS, customized ringing tone etc.. The function of the mobile phone is more and more strong, small and easy to carry, the number of mobile phone users will definitely exceed the number of computers.

7, web site promotion law. Improve the quality of web pages, pictures, post to web station and aggregation websites. If recommended, there are a lot of traffic.

8, forum website promotion method. Registered dozens of hundreds of forums, each forum registered dozens of accounts, the signature set up their own website. Published popular content, their top posts. Change Ma3 jia3, release the title of the controversial content. Good title is to promote the success or failure of the forum 100%. The forum here refers to the pan forum, including guestbook, forum, post bar and so on, all users may

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    This state of affairs is attributable to a variety of factors, including the homeostatic processes that preserve zinc occupancy of the catalytic sites of those enzymes and the dearth of consistency in findings between research. This and different congenital imperfections are the result of the abnormal method in which a number of of the functions of the mom are carried out. Once fertilization has occurred, nevertheless, about one half of cryopreserved embryos might survive the freeze/thaw course of and could be transferred into the uterus gastritis diet ельдорадо [url=]purchase imodium 2 mg online[/url].
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