Behind the shell of C 20 million round of financing starting from MOOC the money from the more rec

tiger sniffing note: after an interview request, he sent a long string of text to accurately locate the tiger sniffing Jun, finally asked: "can the public comment search shell network." This is after contact with several tiger sniffing Jun "hawks science users, for the first time and humorous shell people, he called Ji thirteen, he founded the company and know, watercress famous, known as the" temperament shell network company ", announced on 22 to get from the future ($15 million), IDG and other agencies ($5 million) a total of $20 million C round of financing. Since the interview at the point of the meal, so in thirteen Ji’s kind invitation, I rub a meal shell meal — this is a tiger sniffing type rice CEO".

claimed to be "commercial consciousness was weak" Ji thirteen finally want to see the final destination as a technology website, "the shell has been doing very far away from the money that at least some of the money from the recent today."

this was believed to be a "science" fan website, how many ideas about your future?

MOOC College: a history of experimental products

MOOC, launched in July 2013, its predecessor is just a shell network called "MOOC room" of the group, due to the growth of the fastest, the most active members of the shell, alone for the user to do a community product. It is this experimental product, change the fate of the shell.

After two rounds of

loved the letter capital investment support, ushered in a nutshell B round of investment in IDG in 2013, which became the turning point of the commercial road shell, they began to melt into the money into the business school MOOC, at the same time the activities under the line "universal youth in a half shell named UGC mode: each host university community. Keep in touch with them, is very beneficial to promote MOOC." This new model seems to kill two birds with one stone in Ji Shisan. The harvest looks good, in 15 months, more than 800 thousand registered users, live for about 1 million months, of which 70% of the users, since the shell network translation. In order to service these users, Ji thirteen will be more than 1/4 of shell employees were put MOOC business, soon usher in a C round of investment.

interestingly, investors good future MOOC business on the first shell is not known, but their value is a large number of science and engineering users, try to K12 their business and docking. The existence of MOOC college, accelerate the speed of the two sides talk. Nutshell network users and between the ages of 18-25, which is the shell MOOC College Financing and become another important reason for the star product.

in the main K12 education future view, following the investment in the baby trees, Minerva and other downstream learning institutions of all ages: the logical shell finally synthesized online education ecosystem a complete and logical. The shell is hoping to avoid (Tsinghua School Online), Shanghai Jiaotong University.

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