Marketing strategy of high end cosmetics brand in the new media environment

Marketing strategy of high-end cosmetics brand in

new media environment

with the rapid development of computer network technology, digital technology, mobile communication technology, the new media is also active in the growth of the environment, brand marketing is also expanding accordingly. Multimedia information release provides a unified format of information, but it also requires that the information communicated with the computer terminal to communicate with the digital information and communication technology to provide mutual access. The foundation of the information society is digital technology, which is also the core technology of the new media. New media are often referred to as digital media. The so-called computer network, that is, through two or more computers through a collection of interconnected cables, telephone lines or wireless communications. A mobile communication device, between a fixed body and a movable body of a communication or mobile communication. The moving body can be a person, or a vehicle, a train, a plane, and other objects in a moving state. It is the rapid development of mobile communication technology, making the transmission of digital information, get rid of the limitations of physical network wires, cables, etc., can be achieved anytime, anywhere through the wireless network transmission. These three are not independent, but the support of the integration of the three technical systems, constitute a new media technology platform, so that a variety of new media information technology work together on the basis of better work.

interactive new media is the use of new digital media in the process of exchange of information in order to obtain timely, accurate, real-time feedback. From the original. One to many. The information media, now. Many to many. The development of a broader space communication model, and the mass media, newspapers, radio, television is different, the new media is no longer a one-way dissemination of information, but two-way, timely interaction and feedback. The interaction has two meanings: first, between the sender and receiver of information exchange is bidirectional; participate in the exchange of information in the process of individual controls. New media digital technology simplifies the production information collection and information exchange participants can take text output system (computer, mobile phone keyboard, etc.), digital cameras, digital cameras and other easy to produce, access to digital information, some advantages such as new media intelligent mobile phone to collect and transmit digital information more easily. New media so that participants in the exchange of information in the process of equal control of the land, according to their own interests of participants, you can choose to exchange information. Therefore, in the new media environment, the exchange of information to achieve a truly universal. Enterprises can use the new media to establish brand image in front of consumers, but also to understand the new media feedback to consumers in a timely manner, which is the most smooth form of communication and interaction between the two sides.

with the development of Internet technology, interactive websites, entertainment media, to provide consumers with real-time consumer information, greatly improving the past lack of consumer information. Now, consumers can easily get a lot of information about the product, they can search through a variety of tools, can also use the third party evaluation platform, you can also use the evaluation information of shopping website, get information about a commodity. Most letters

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