Circle of friends to see not to turn the Chinese can report

[Abstract] to induce users to share marketing content to the circle of friends, once discovered or reported, the relevant information will be intercepted.


technology news (Xiang Xin) WeChat recently announced to the public, through the red, lottery and other means to induce the user to marketing content sharing to a circle of friends, once discovered or reported, relevant information will be blocked, and permanent, and even were banned for the domain name, IP address, public number.

WeChat aspects introduced to induce sharing behavior includes:

1 users to share: share to continue the next operation. Including, but not limited to: sharing can be scheduled to share the rear can know the answer, etc.;

2 users to share: a reward to lure users to share. Including but not limited to: invite friends to remove the box, set praise, sharing can increase a chance draw

3 coercion, inciting users to share: exaggerated language to intimidate, entice users to share. Including, but not limited to: do not turn not Chinese, please kindly forward it, after forwarding a lifetime of peace, turn crazy, will turn, and other

4 tips to share circle of friends: the event page appears to share a circle of friends and other similar words.

5 button, elastic layer, popups to induce users to share to induce sharing behavior.

In addition to

, but also rumors, faster than the hand speed, psychological testing, constellation test, friends quiz quiz.

also, in violation of national laws and regulations: content such as secession, drug trafficking guns, gangs involved in violence, pornography, illegal gambling, fraud and infringement of the name right of reputation / goodwill, portrait, privacy, intellectual property rights and other violations of laws and regulations and other interference WeChat or the normal use of the behavior of the circle of friends content such as excessive marketing behavior can not share to my circle of friends.

reporting methods are as follows:


1 if it is a personal message, the user according to the content, in the pop-up window click on the report (complaints), select the appropriate reason to submit.


2 if it is a public number, click on the upper right corner of the text of the three points in the list of options to select reports (complaints), and then select the reasons for reporting, submitted to.

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