Review of the decline of the nternet companies see 11 nternet Co from the ups and downs of the dom

renamed China ( July 21st news, recently, "China Internet companies 100 list came out, we were in the top 100 applaud at the same time, also want to understand the Internet arena is very cruel, today, Xiaobian take you to review several decline of the Internet enterprise development, perhaps from which we can learn some experience and lessons.

saw a horse Shiti

domain name

2008, the Internet giant Baidu enabled double spell domain name, launched a mall. In 2011, Baidu issued an announcement on the adjustment, there are mall goods, shops, trading related functions off. Had put 3 years must beat Taobao’s Baidu C2C e-commerce business completely failed, and now has not opened.


domain name

is falling

2009 lashou founded, just a short time, in 2010 the total trade close to 1 billion mark, January 20, 2011, lashou registered users exceeded 3 million, the average monthly visits exceeded 30 million, the valuation of up to $1 billion 100 million, becoming one of the mainland’s largest China group purchase website, domain name is popular on both sides of the Changjiang River. 2012 handle network has experienced IPO cancellation, founder Wu Bo away. Pronto, October 2014, handle network to sanpower group, today the price is still in suspense and bondage, the domain name is dead or alive.

310 thousand domain name only 4 months

in January this year, love carpool to spend $50 thousand (about 310 thousand yuan) to acquire the domain name, to replace the original domain name But who would have thought that May was the first love carpool carpooling software announced the closure of the server in June 5th. Just 4 months time, the domain name of the elimination of 310 thousand yuan. Xiaobian sigh, the domain name life change radically is too fast, too stimulating.

 The domain name is

down to earth to the Savior of

love daily, the German Wimdu website, China station. The agency’s consistent style is to quickly replicate the success of the Internet project, and then put it into the blank market countries and regions. In order to better integrate into the Chinese market, but also specifically registered three spell domain name However, the market model and the China replication The climate does not suit one. closed on July 2013, which eventually led to the website.

in the "Internet plus" and "off the record" two wave under the action of e-commerce enterprises will have more and more. But the vast ocean is deep undercurrents, the ship is sinking, and the boat. Hope the above example allows you to get reflection and reference, go better in the next wave of Internet mania.

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