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in March 21st, and take cloud officially completed B round of financing, the amount of hundreds of millions of yuan (36 krypton unconfirmed), an industrial capital investment led by. The financing will be used to push the main scene CDN business.

and shoot the cloud was founded in 2010, its predecessor as a Chinese version of the Flickr and pat network. Founder Liu Pingyang introduction, but also in the early days of the network was developed rapidly, less than two years accumulated millions of users. But with the expansion of the site data, they have to invest a lot of R & D effort and hardware costs in the image storage, processing and CDN acceleration and other services. The non core business of excessive investment dragged down and shoot itself, but also take the blessing in disguise, they realized that the market lacks an overall third party data hosting platform, which came later UPYUN.

and the cloud compared to similar products, the most prominent feature is cloud storage, cloud processing, and CDN distribution integration.

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in October 2014, and take cloud UPYUN announced the completion of a MBO (management buy back, see this announcement), while the introduction of CDH venture capital and pine as A round of investment, the amount of it was revealed for tens of millions of rmb. After financing, business tilt to CDN.

Liu Pingyang stressed that cloud CDN mode is bound to the traditional CDN market impact, after 2013, transfer to, sing, mango TV, watercress, and beauty group, as the representative of the small number of high-quality Internet customers continue Xiang Yun mode. According to research institutions predict that the CDN market will triple by 2019, that is 3 times the current market size of about 5000000000, reaching the level of nearly 16 billion.

and cloud CDN support by the actual amount of charges (rather than peak bandwidth), providing real-time data monitoring, log analysis and download, integrated cloud dynamic image processing capabilities. "Cloud distribution" for the mobile platform to do some special optimization, including the reduction of mobile phone and server TCP connection number, gzip compression and http. On the user’s priority, the "cloud distribution" strategy is uniform and equal allocation, rather than the number of nodes according to the size of the user.

in the past few years accumulation, they shoot cloud storage system has been able to support the EB level data storage, continue to support the picture, audio and video processing tasks, the follow-up will continue to open the document, image recognition, face recognition and other cloud computing services.

addition, they shoot cloud also provides cloud security services, WAF products, and take cloud oriented website vulnerable and sensitive to provide WAF protection, including SQL injection, XSS attacks, CSRF attacks, malicious crawler, scanner, remote file contains etc..

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