n order to meet the high valuation of PO startups need to break through the bottleneck

the "Wall Street journal" wrote today, along with the IPO topic again, technology start-ups have to prove to investors long-term vision of their own growth.

below is the full text of the article:

Airbnb December held a high-profile meeting in Losangeles City, the company CEO Blaine · ceschi (Brian Chesky) announced that the company will once again create a miracle in travel industry".

he said to thousands of Airbnb to the European theater fismes landlord attended the meeting, the company has more than just a housing rental site, should be regarded as a "complete business travel": it can provide short trips, one-stop restaurant reservations, buy tickets and car rental service.

the purpose of this move is to attract the attention of amateur landlords and tour guides. But beyond that, there may be another purpose: to attract the attention of open market investors.

With the increase of

IPO pressure, high valuations of technology startups have begun to sideline, to prove they are not a single business enterprise.

, including Airbnb, Uber and Snapchat parent company Snap, including many technology companies have begun to appease investors, so as not to worry about their own sales growth prospects. To establish a company’s long-term growth trend, the key is to demonstrate its ability to break through the core business.

"for any company that plans to IPO, it is necessary to overcome the enormous challenge to convince the public market investors to recognize their high valuations." IPO Class V Group consultant Rees · Bayer (Lise Buyer) said, "so, if you can prove that you can create a new business in a new market, it will become an important story of a concern."

IPO market performance this year, sluggish. According to data provider Dealogic data, this year a total of 109 companies traded in the United States, financing $23 billion 200 million last year, the number of transactions reached 174 pen, totaling $36 billion 200 million.

according to informed sources, Snap may be IPO next year, the valuation will reach $25 billion. The company, which was founded only four years ago, was valued at $18 billion. According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the company has secretly submitted a IPO file, and a series of meetings with potential investors.

until 3 months ago, the family from California, startups are also only to Snapchat burn after reading photo sharing service is known. But in September this year, they unexpectedly changed the company’s name to Snap, with a $130 camera into the hardware market, and began to call himself a camera company

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