Zhu Shijian inspirational orange Beijing small electricity supplier by Chu orange turn



Chu orange pop off, not only Zhu Shijian’s inspirational story, and Wang Shi, Xu Xiaoping and other celebrities endorsement. This story is only a means to detonate, help bitter entrepreneurial media people, the important thing is how to play games

business survival

night, Yang Xuetao hit a black car, rushed from the outskirts of Shunyi warehouse to the North Third Ring Road near the office. The traffic jam, he quietly said, "now we are a group of farmers in the electricity supplier, millet plus rifles of the stage; but according to the theory of equipment procurement, millet plus rifles is one thing very cattle, because millet nutritious, easy to digest……"

, who had been the media, and now the original life assistant president of the network, said he would have to do the food electricity supplier. This back and forth day, one and a half years he has been used to numb. But in November 2012 he was extremely excited, to the warehouse run much more frequently, have been living on the line for 5 months, suddenly because of manufacturing "Chu orange Beijing" and "inspirational orange" marketing events and compelling.


into the empty warehouse, Yang Xuetao and colleagues as a group of soldiers in the trenches. In order to cope with the surge of the Chu orange order, they had to battle, in the cold night packed oranges. Originally life employs nearly 130 people, everyone went to the customer service department take the warehouse several times. These orange from Yunnan Ailao Mountain, a bumpy road, a car 20 tons, a good pick up orange packing, were loaded with 4000 boxes, each box twenty or thirty, with orange leaf shaped Logo: "orange · inheritance: life is always ups and downs, the spirit will be passed". As of December 6th, had a total of 200 tons of life.

an ordinary orange, but accidentally detonated popular in the November electricity supplier war to stimulate emotional waves, both surprising, but it is not accidental. American columnist Malcolm · Gladwell in "the tipping point" (Tipping Point) from three conditions: "laws of individual characters, adhesion factors and environmental power law", namely some opinion leaders or social genius in the dissemination of infectious information, and this information is consistent with the need of the society at that time, popular it will form.

"inspirational orange" is a typical event of the tipping point, "the adhesion factor" is the former tobacco magnate Zhu Shijian is 75 years old and then start ten years after the first Beijing Chu orange; "individual character rule" is the media after Wang Shi, Xu Xiaoping and other celebrities micro-blog forwards, sparked heated debate; "the power of environmental law" by the end of the political atmosphere and consumption binge, need some kind of catharsis……

‘s lively achievements of small business. But deep inside that was living for today for a long time have been detonated. Southern daily news portal website background + experience + + electricity supplier courier temper billions + + team work tyrant style management…… They reached Taobao.

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