How to promote the use of watercress buy navigation website

is a well-known Master share promotion network promotion dragon type 4, last expression is "to find suitable for your model website, and to achieve the ultimate", recently in the promotion of "happy Happy028 group purchase website, borrow his predecessors attempts to talk a lot of method, such as SNS (mainly happy net,, QQ group, blog etc. the way of promotion, eventually feel the bean marketing channels is high quality, the overall price is high," "spend a little time every day to maintain channels promotion, will be able to get other channels to reach the effect. A few days ago, Wu Feng and everyone shared watercress promotion experience "Wu Feng: how to use the bean promoting your website, recently after accumulation and precipitation of bean experience in the promotion of, and master some new skills, combined with the Wu Feng group purchase site navigation features and watercress channel promotion mode again share experiences.

one, buy network, buy navigation network momentum rapidly

2010 can be said to be the first year of buy, buy sites around the country sprung up like mushrooms, according to the relevant data show that the group has more than a thousand websites. It is reported that the institutions directly under the Ministry of Commerce China International Electronic Commerce Center is expected to be released at the end of October and the first trial China "electronic business credit certification rules", a new introduction of the new policy so that the relevant departments within a year, the momentum of rapid development of group purchase. Group purchase what is holy, group purchase is actually group shopping, refers to know or don’t know consumers together, to increase of business and negotiation ability, in order to achieve a the bestprice. Because of the super low price group purchase, in addition to love advantage is a human nature, leading to a lot of people in droves.

let’s take a look at the news, "how can I get an order in less than 1 seconds!" September 25th is the first day of iPhone4 china. The same day, a well-known domestic buy site ShangHai Railway Station, launched a 0 yuan to buy China Unicom iPhone4 contract plan $300 preferential activities. Participate in this activity can be obtained below the market price of 300 yuan contract, the successful accession to the contract plan, as well as the opportunity to receive free iPhone4. This buy information greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers buying. Eventually, the same day the group purchased the site while the number of online users more than 1 million people, yet less than 42 hours on the sale of a contract of 160 thousand, sales and orders are a record high. The marketing miracle, is just the tip of the iceberg to buy energy network. Previously, glutinous rice balls have sold 150 thousand tickets for a movie, record.

above all kinds of performance, contrary to the expectations of many people. No wonder a group purchase president exclaimed "to the development of the Internet now, this is a really exciting business. This exciting business, in the past few months, spawned thousands of buy site. The new site of the business, but also from the initial dozen single, dozens of single, the surge to tens of thousands of people buying fiery scene.

Similarly, with the explosive growth of the group buying sites in the Chinese market,

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