Express analysis Google postponed the reasons for the issue of the forecast


Google recently very strange, not only in the 08 year canceled the Picasa recommendation and Chinese area line extension system, and reduce the cost of the recommended Firefox, and in March the payment, Google also changed the past readily convenient payment, payment at the end of the month before the date is delayed until April in March. "Is the loan has been behind Google hung, with many Google Advertising life webmaster very worried, a time of over four, after several days of understanding, summarizes the most common several industry argument:


1.            Google financial out of the situation, can not afford to pay

I think this situation is very unlikely to happen to Google, the global brand and strong ability to make money, the minimum financial possibility, while domestic webmaster is this idea, mostly compared to the classical approach in some domestic adverse alliance caused worry, also called the domestic advertising alliance to the integrity of life here timely.


2.            Google by Western Union payment, western union system problems,

China failed to pay large area timelyIn fact,

say that there is a certain reason, since the Western Union officially took over the Google payment mode, most owners have chosen such a rapid domestic pay mode, but this model is in fact a transit station and transfer platform mode, once the delay will cause the line can not be timely collection, like many domestic companies through banks wages, as long as the bank a little delay, it may take several days to get their hard-earned money.


3.            due to changes in the political situation at home and abroad, Google maintain a wait-and-see attitude

this view of many people are quite sensitive to the political situation, the 17 general election, Taiwan’s election and the subprime crisis in the United States, the Google Asia Pacific situation is not assured, delay payment, but I believe that as a global company, it is impossible for this situation to do much about if the political binding, integrity, the Google transmission is too high.


Google is the delay in payment is no matter for any reason, but I consulted the famous master Wangzhuan graph king, graph king said: "in 07 years Google had delayed payment, suggest that owners do not particularly concerned, wait patiently, such as >

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