Secret App brush standings scene This is really a physical life ah

brush brush sales ranking, brush brush reputation, popularity, seems to have a relationship with the Internet can be used "brush" to create a "blast", recently, the media broke the little-known brush mobile phone app store list, mechanical work a gray industrial chain.

winter, wearing a down jacket sister paper, placed in front of all the rows of large screen mobile phone, visual estimation of no less than 75, it seems to brush list is pretty fight. No technology toil live, under the huge profits temptation, people in droves, heavily under there must be brave, according to a list of hearsay broke the news, brush list: Brush list into the red list and ranked two among the maintenance, the red list, rushed to the App Store TOP5 free list for the price of 25 thousand yuan TOP25, TOP10, TOP50, TOP200, TOP100, the price was 17 thousand yuan, 11 thousand yuan, 6 thousand yuan, 3 thousand and 600 yuan and 1 thousand and 800 yuan, in addition to the need to pay a price list to 10% tax. TOP5, TOP10, TOP25, TOP50, TOP100 to maintain the cost of one day is divided into 28 thousand yuan, $18 thousand, $13 thousand, $7 thousand and $3 thousand and 800. Some people broke the news that the App Store brush list studio, has been using black technology to achieve industrial automation, I and my little partners are shocked!


price tag, brush or brush, brush is not no ranking, no ranking no show, no show no download, in order to get more downloads, don’t have to brush brush, so we have to brush. Accompanied by a variety of APP crazy was born, in order to pursue the downloads, rely on network marketing is clearly not to brush list more affordable, why not advertising spend 1 million brush list, to minimize the cost to maximize output under the control of ROI, ranking version seems to brush more in line with the pursuit of business.

Of course

brush list is not what happens, as early as the brush list broke the news before, 10 Taobao 9 brush has "famous electric business", even if Taobao has come down like a raging fire in a single brush is still going.

QT, QQ group, YY are single brush personnel aggregates, orders, single, receiving praise, "standard" the accomplishment of the modernization of a fake Taobao deal, brush single personnel in accordance with the requirements of general goods than three, false chat, general skilled workers almost less than 15 minutes a single Commission, ranging from 5-10 yuan, part of at all from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. brush, an average of 4 hours of single words, one day can earn a 200-300, 30 days a month is really not worse than work, especially for some of the two or three lines of the city’s employees it seems to work better than single brush occupation but also strong.

of course, businesses are also willing to do so, after all, can get a good ranking of the brush, a good ranking will have a good click, click on the natural form of many transactions, compared to the train, drilling exhibition, brush

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