On the 3 errors in network marketing sharing is not equal to being read

content marketing (content marketing) concept is now very fire, in view of the various elements of the network are in the scope of the content, so online marketing can be regarded as content marketing. There is a big problem: the content of marketing marketing investment effort are based on "hypothesis", and many assumptions prove fundamental stand feet.

Chartbeat CEO Network Analysis Corporation Haile Tony recently listed a number of such errors, pointing out that these errors may hinder the development of the company’s network of publicity. This is a piece of online marketing, each company has more or less contact, from the media company specializing in this, to the use of online advertising company marketing department. Here are some common questions about Haile’s online marketing:

maybe you didn’t write anything about

Haile said that the opening of the media company page visitors, more than half (55%) of the time on the page will not stay more than 15 seconds. The text page, visitors will not stay longer than 15 seconds. So you will feel that the article is really someone to see it? Well, not no one to see, is to look at too few people. Even if you are good at to create eye-catching title, most people still come to see.

is not to be read


this conclusion may be surprising to many people. Because everyone will think, share many people, see people naturally rise, after all visits by participating in social media (such as sharing behavior) to push up. But the results of Chartbeat indicate that there is no correlation between the number of shares and the number of times the article is actually read.

had posts to discuss how to achieve the spread of the virus. The so-called spread of the virus, it is necessary to spread as much as possible from one to the other, and "careful reading" is not a necessary part of the spread of the spread. This may be a fact that some people are more difficult to accept: people will share it without reading it. Of course, I did not find specific data support, but personally guess that people share is because the subject caused emotional resonance, the specific content of the link is not as important as imagined.

warm boiled frog as frankly speaking


immersion (native advertising) the advertising intention is good, to the content of publicity melted into scenes, let the reader to accept the advertisement imperceptibly set. But in fact, this kind of lukewarm advertising difficult to achieve the desired effect. Few visitors (less than 1/4) can read the story. The content of the advertisements and ordinary straight reading finish (71%) compared to the former is obviously reduced. Do a lot of advertising is immersed in a waste of time, from the perspective of the content, prosaic example of the failure of frequent.

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