WeChat QQ space is also marketing the throne

penguin from the birth of the Tencent, has been accompanied by generation after generation of growth, has become a "pet"". Because it makes a lot of young people to facilitate the love, because it makes a lot of people can be separated by thousands of miles and can resolve the affection of love, because it makes a lot of people can be paperless public convenience…… A lot of people just because QQ is in the understanding of the network, met on the network. In addition it also makes the world is slowly getting smaller, as long as you join the friends wherever you can strengthen the contact, go into the world of free chat, this is its charm and lovely. In a word, because it has changed the original people’s way of life, and even change and replace the people who depend on the communication tool, its emergence and many people have established deep feelings, not one day hanging always feel what the disadvantages of living.

of course, the derivative generated by QQ also has a strong QQ replication capabilities and user channels, QQ space is one of them. In the absence of WeChat before, QQ space can be said to be young people record the mood will go to the place in the webmaster online also has a space devoted to marketing articles, understand the diary, millet QQ space and a series of successful cases we have to attach importance to the value of marketing space. Especially now for everyone WeChat extremely respected. We should clearly recognize the QQ space as an old media, still has strong marketing capabilities, as compared to WeChat, QQ space in terms of user viscosity has obvious advantages. So in as the title says, why do I say QQ space is still marketing


first, the space is a personal online home, very high degree of familiarity. When we are in contact with the network, or when learning network knowledge, accept the concept of personal website, in fact, space is our personal website, online home, remember we spend a lot of time and energy to learn to dress up our QQ space, with the warm house. This is obviously independent of the prototype. Here, we can add any of our related personal data, photos, log and dynamic information and so on, it is a marketing tool, this fertile soil, can show any product information to you, and great efforts to spread. Like a window to the outside world, to achieve the coexistence of multiple forms of information, the most direct feeling, at any time by everyone’s attention. As the title says, QQ is based on the acquaintance and circle of friends, so come from QQ on the flow of familiarity is very high, everyone for your attention is not like other products with other purposes, only pay attention to you. This time if you can properly grasp the sensitivity of advertising, products, so it is easy to attract attention, and get a good sales. After all, everyone is acquaintance, on the one hand to trust you, on the other hand will go to publicity for you, the mouth of the effectiveness and efficiency of everyone will be aware.

second, high mobility in space

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