Don’t fiddle with design thinking to spread

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Nene: last weekend we invited social creative well-known Mongolia doctor Zhao Ning, chief content officer to do an evolutionary experiment on design thinking of sharing.

In the eyes of

, who claims to be "not a designer," how does it spread, how to think about how to make a successful social advertisement?. The following is the share consolidation within the part of dry cargo.

from the difference between traditional advertising and social advertising

> > > > 1, the content is: the traditional advertising information, social advertising is


from the content point of view, in the past the traditional advertising is basically in the transfer of information, information integration, and then put on a variety of channels to sell, want to brainwash the user. But the social media advertising you need to speak some of the scripts, and these scripts can be user remember, say the.

see below the two flower website, the traditional advertising picture done especially fine, especially copy show gas also don’t know what he said, and then through a price war to promote sales, gift delivery.


and this is called the Roseonly florist, but through a word or a concept, will promote the brand up. Roseonly’s slogan "only one person in life," a lot of people will be able to get a lot of flowers after the sun, because she would like to prove to everyone, I was sent to the flowers that he is his only. This piece can effectively segment you and other brands.

> > > > 2, media: traditional advertising is covered, social advertising is sharing

from the media point of view, the traditional advertising is basically through a large number of media coverage, but social advertising relies on interpersonal sharing.

Two ad

such as the recent flight steward do, left this poster on the media in the elevator in the elevator, they think this confined space, it is a chance to have a willingness to look at some long copy, so choose to write a lot of story.


But compared to the rear of the

, many people know you should flee North Canton this thing, especially first-tier cities circle of friends is shuabing.

> > > > 3, mode: traditional advertising is B2C, social advertising is C2C

We used

for the new media understanding basically is the pattern of the B2C, I want to build a public account, the boss set KPI, a year to increase the number of fans, and then some in the past, many enterprises and even B2B mode, I just let the five hundred media that my business is great, the the enterprise is awesome. >

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