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letter of project settlement back Taiwan Library 103:M decoration company

problem: the boss of M, not much culture, he had a staff of more than and 20 people, engaged in the decoration of small business in Beijing, Shandong area has been, in recent years, M company’s business is good, big live live small, often the project is not completed, the project again, a a push to tight, the original project down to the first to do the project budget, such as Beijing or Shandong according to the settlement price, how the law will be clear clear down to the construction, but this year any tight, and both sides are acquaintances, the so-called turnip wash mud, as long as both a clapper the project budget, do too late, they started.


project is tight, problems also occur, two years of M boss a headache: originally agreed by Beijing price settlement, and finally becomes a settlement according to the price Shandong, Beijing and Shandong artificial price that is not the same, this piece of light sent down a lot, plus seven miscellaneous miscellaneous eight the deduction of the final settlement to each business, often to the loss of more than 20 thousand. Moreover, the final settlement is not timely, a push two drag today, back part of the second half to come back, the delay can not be full, the boss of M, from Beijing to Shandong many times, a reminder.

is the solution:

1, which is typical of small and medium-sized enterprises, China small boss class, there are indeed many are not much culture, so always management problems they encounter, experts and professors are excluded, no one to summarize the law, no one to guide them, they can only go dark. Often, hit a black and blue, this is the sorrow of the whole community.

2, M company to establish an efficient contract, it only need a piece of paper, this one for easily agreed common intention: according to the standard price settlement where, what time settlement, how to settle the order can be agreed in advance several times of settlement, the percentage of each node. Prior to the start of the project to sign the contract, three copies, one of which is believed to be an intermediary between the two sides, the joint signature of the three parties. So, M’s problem is solved.

3, in all of the engineering services, whether it is a renovation contract, or software development contract, design contract, regardless of the size of the contract, should refer to this way to establish a simple paper contract, which both parties are guaranteed, service operation, also eliminates unnecessary trouble, who do not have a headache the.

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are closed question library 104: Part-time personal webmaster should be how to build their own website?

problem: as a part-time webmaster, how to make a special, return station? How do only show can gain



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