How to build your blog

1 how to build your own blog

"blog" is a transliteration of the word Blog English. Blog is the abbreviation of Weblog, Chinese means "web log". People usually write the Blog called Blogger, also translated as "blog". Therefore, the "blog" can refer to the writing of the network log this behavior, can also refer to the person who wrote the network log.

2. how many people can see my blog?

blog that everyone can see, but to attract more people to look at your blog, a content must be innovative, if we are concerned about the topic of love, or the contents of the two will continue to be updated, the best every day with new contents.

3. how to build a website

1. to set up a personal website, we must first understand the current web page production of the basic language HTML, entry can be about one or two hours to spend.

2. learn to use the popular web authoring software, such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver and other powerful WYSIWYG software, can be a preliminary understanding, not all of the master, is generally use while learning, and constantly improve the level of use.

3. wide on.

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