see the interest rebate marketing model

On 2012

billion yuan Ma and Wang Jianlin was about to set off a a great disturbance in ten years, Ma predicted that e-commerce will replace offline retailers. We do not want to mention the results, but this bet is sufficient to illustrate the speed of the development of e-commerce amazing. In the economic background of this transformation, a special marketing mode as a rebate network also appears in public. Everything has its two sides, the rebate network is no exception.

The marketing model of

rebate network advantages are the following three points:

first: as a marketing tool, it to some extent can increase the flow and volume of shops, so that businesses get more benefits for businesses to win more new customers.

second: it is a less effective marketing model. If businesses choose a reputable professional rebate network to cooperate, then only need to put a few money you can see good results, compared to the traditional marketing mode between the rebate network win-win marketing model more easily and consumers closer distance.

third: as consumers and businesses of the third party, the rebate network plays an important role, and to a certain extent, can provide the necessary services for consumers. And so to a certain extent, save the business time, so that the transaction time greatly shortened.

rebate network as a marketing mode and its advantage is obviously, but the disadvantages are also inevitable. The disadvantage is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

: the first is due to the rebate network as the third party, so as a business to a certain extent and can not be completely controlled, and in this case, once the rebate network and consumer disputes, it is bound to affect the relationship between businesses and consumers. And this weakness can not be eliminated.

second: low profit, rebate network is not stable. In recent years, the development speed of the rebate network is obvious to people, big and small rebate network like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. These are the steady development of the rebate network, also has lost the decline. Its instability to a certain extent will damage the interests of businesses.

third: the price difference and the business performance of the rebate network swaying customers. Consumers will have an idea in the long run, when the net rebate rebates to consumers, rebate network itself to extract a portion of profits, it is bound to be a part of consumers doubt the business is not up to the price of the product itself, and this will cause the swing of customers.

rebate website marketing model is a double-edged sword, both businesses can not be fooled by bragging as if it were raining flowers publicity, not blindly rejection new marketing model. As Mr. Lu Xun said, its essence to its dregs.

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