How to create loaded force productivity Will not miss the trend of consumer upgrades

businesses to sell goods, content producers to eat, social operators should be realized, the marriage of COSOCO historic is the only system of power to represent the general trend, in order to promote the completion of the upgrading, not just the fire died, this is the logic of consumption in the next ten years.


one, consumption upgrade Carnival

live, net red, content entrepreneurship, IP…… Review of the first half of the year, a variety of new hot words have emerged, is too busy to attend to all. And behind the concept of bombing, a dark line is very clear: in the economic downturn, the winter capital of the moment, that a set of Internet business of the original play has a dead end, which belongs to the grass root free economy is turning, emphasizes the transformation and gross profit, make the rich (even if only a little money) money started to become the main theme of entrepreneurship, the upgrading of consumption era.

from the supply side, a variety of high-end, vertical, upgrading "products they started flying from the moment of birth comes with a variety of bright, high force, sense of design, story and entertainment a sense of cohesion, as if each is a certain area of LV, the apple industry. From the end of the channel, the network red, live, short video, content community…… The little red book, their consumption platform as the representative of the NetEase in the high-end flagship koala population is rapidly becoming the "upgrade product service" marketing channels, with all kinds of unexpected way of telling the same story expected: you are not the middle? Would you like to have a different force? What the consumption upgrade! You cannot read why this money, it must be because you haven’t

consumption upgrade!

consumption upgrade deified, as if it were all tangled traditional businesses into the straw, and no adverse to marketing artifact. The upgrading of consumption and demonized, do not understand the consumption upgrade if people will fall behind on time a grass root all snigger, do not understand the consumer businesses seem to miss the new era and new consumer groups. Travel will go to Antarctica, Europe and the middle on dressing to buy a two yuan, spent the first one hundred thousand around…… In the heart of everyone, the upgrading of consumption crowd into a personality in order to quality of life (ACT), not silly money money is capricious, make all kinds of fantastic consumption decision.

what is the consumption upgrade a money stupid, or to add force to make personality is not desperately, or simply first-tier cities away from the grassroots people’s investment in people’s YY? Business will eventually have to return to common sense, instead of getting lost on the surface of the fantastic, and our entrepreneurs how to grasp the trend and find your chance? This dish, a dog as a level up less successful individuals, to talk about a few points, please do not shoot high force people not black.


two, the logic of making money has not changed

this is a time to call away from the feelings of the story, return to the essence of the era of business, then most like to tell the story of consumers >

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