Atypical viral marketing case

viral marketing effect makes many people envy, viral marketing programs and good practice, often to the outbreak of the shock wave, rapidly expand the visibility and influence in a short period of time.

      case: duhugu contest
      Planners: search engine strategies, SEO forum.
      first, search:

      google: is about 289000 for duhugu query results of
      use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 1620000
      yahoo: about 344000

  two, the number of participating sites: about one hundred.
  three, the use of the resources of players:
      is currently ranked slightly in front of the estimated each station resources have reached three digits, with the software analysis, can be more frightening results, probably estimate that through this competition, ca. there are thousands of websites, two million pages, "duhugu"


      and the typical viral marketing is slightly different, because the carrier duhugu match making, and not repeat a self replication, the virus itself is pollution alarming.

cost analysis:

    the explosion of a noun "tiger Valley", so that countless people ask: what is the tiger Valley? What is the tiger Valley? Some people ask, there will be someone to explain: Tiger Valley is a search engine optimization contest held by XX, so as to achieve the purpose of publicity. The manufacture of this virus, the cost of almost negligible, from marketing can be described as a great success.
  error: due to the investment, ticket sales failed to accurately forecast the meeting, so the team ranking setting, competition award set some conservative, enthusiasm failed to mobilize more webmaster.

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