Completion of the new round of the wedding discipline B round of financing will expand the hundred

March 31st morning news, the Internet platform wedding wedding Ji announced today, and has recently completed a B+ round of financing, this round of investment led by Fosun brothers, Jingwei vertex to continue with the vote. Wedding founder Yu Zhe said, B round and B+ round of financing totaling $30 million.

Yu Zhe said that the new round of financing will be mainly used for product upgrades, business expansion, the opening of new cities, business promotion and standardization of the promotion, as well as brand promotion. Yu Zhe revealed that this year will start the wedding discipline hundred city plan is expected by the end of 2016, the wedding ceremony will open one hundred service cities.

"this year trading breakthrough focus on proprietary business, and we have taken the global tour car ran through the business model, the monthly trading volume nearly doubled the growth of new financing to make the wedding Ji stride copy." Yu Zhe said.

data show that the wedding began in January 2013, in 2015 to complete the $10 million B round of financing from the latitude and longitude venture capital investment. After the wedding Ji was obtained in July 2013 pine millions of dollars in angel investment fund, in August 2014, and won the wedding Ji Xiang Feng investment (Vertex) millions of dollars in financing.

is currently the wedding ceremony has 8 million users, the transaction has exceeded billion mark. Business covers the wedding, wedding photography, wedding planning and other local services, mode of operation on the car, self trip shoot and other projects, in the country’s more than and 70 city of origin direct mining, then through the background of the integration of product, through the C side pushed to the needs of users.

said Yu Zhe’s plan for the future, and wedding discipline but also in finance, the line flagship store start business layout, such as the current products have access to the financial payment project, through the financial lending scene reduce weddings this year will continue to economic pressure, and other financial institutions to carry out cooperation, to make the wedding Ji more in the future the imagination".

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