Google launched domain name registration services Google Domains domain name registration domain

A5 webmaster network ( June 24th news, according to the relevant sources said Google launched the domain name registration service Google Domains on Monday, is currently in the small-scale internal testing phase. Because the service is still under development, so only open the Beta version, and the user will need to invite code to trial.

previously, users want to buy domain names will generally choose domain name registration services GoDaddy or NameCheap. Google said on its support page, the company itself does not register or domain names, but it will be recommended to partners.

After the

Google Domains service is officially released, users can purchase and sell domain names. Unlike other domain name registration service providers, Google will not charge additional fees to the user. At the same time, each domain name can create 100 e-mail addresses and 100 subdomains.

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