Depth analysis of the site to buy crazy ad Wars fight the capital fight team who will win

core tip: buy the market in the future there may be several mainstream Brand Company to survive and grow, while some of the characteristics of the vertical buy site is still able to survive.

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group purchase this group of manuscripts, a few weeks after the interview, the parties want to express, basic viewpoints:

first, the positioning of the company to buy, is not equivalent to a simple e-commerce, it is not just a sales platform, more marketing platform.

second, at present, the Internet as the main marketing platform to buy mode, has occupied the dominant, in the future, will still be the dominant force.

however, in group purchase market, still there will be a new opportunity to enter, the advantage in the marketing channels and marketing network distribution marketing platform, such as the focus, with LCD and RFID terminal marketing platform, may also become a model and group purchase look different but the business nature of a consistent group purchase mode innovation.

regardless of the Internet platform, or other platforms, the opportunity to buy the phone side, will be worthy of the development of the new terminal.

third, group purchase and any other business, or the nature of the customers, products / services, with more convenient channels and more convenient payment costs, provide quality products and support services for consumers, is the essence of this business. The use of any kind of platform, whether it is the Internet or mobile terminal, or sub client side, any kind of promotion, and ultimately the essence of the service business. However, the background of the aggregation operation efficiency, the ability to integrate resources, platform, will provide a strong physique strength for the contestants, to run fast, run far overweight.

fourth, buy business in an important means of production, is the capital. The risk is driving investment in the "Marseille", but will not become the ultimate strength, to decide the outcome, whether it can become money winner, unpredictable.

After the battle of

, who will win?

Hao Fengling

this time, crazy sticky buy.

listen to the "thousand group war" the sound of fighting, reminiscent of those from us is not a long story: crazy.Com, the new outdoor media, crazy PPG……

group purchase and they also have a very similar "weapon": the strife type advertising, excessive staking and VC burn – in this game, VC burn has become the main means of production.


format is similar to the previous rounds, after.Com, the new outdoor media Co., mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, survivors. In this round of the Internet platform based web site to group purchase, who can see the last surviving will still be limited, however, how the company will be the last winner


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