Tourism area planning and marketing indicators

the status of goods

goods is the first brand of global search engine, the target is to get rid of Google, Baidu’s massive information search, to provide the most effective business information for businesses, in the worldwide integration and promotion of the national brand China.

and now we can see the goods, and not in the industry to attract more individual users and more is in the cluster attracting businesses, therefore to find an effective and prominent highlight not only in goods merchants gather popularity but also to attract more single individual users, so that the goods form their own characteristics in the world the Chinese people.

product positioning

According to the

Chinese market information network iResearch the removal of the said: "according to the insiders, because consumers have higher brand loyalty, they agree on the traditional tourism enterprises, coupled with the travel agency has a strong network of resources, but with the increase of network operators online tourism resources, services in place, and knowledge ( group is more and more big, one or two years after the diversion of tourists will be more and more. Online travel providers have the advantage, but there are deficiencies, how to integrate the aviation, hotels, travel agencies, scenic resources in these areas, it is very important. Because of this, there is news that Ctrip and E have to speed up the pace to buy travel agent, ticket agent and other traditional tourism enterprises."

according to the above information is not difficult to see that the major travel agencies are also actively think through the Internet to expand the brand effect, but the market has not Chinese tourism tourism brand search, many travel agencies are to build their own enterprise website in Baidu bidding implementation to achieve brand promotion, therefore, has been formed in the existing goods based on its own brand and marketing mode on the selection of tourism can not only effectively expand their own market, Ctrip and elong and avoid integrated aviation, hotels, travel agencies, scenic resources of some aspects of this route way promising.

project overview

Chinese is a tourism civilization, especially the government’s annual China 2 golden week to stimulate a lot of target user investment in tourism, but at this stage in between the user and the travel agency website and there is no mature model. Goods has its own advanced marketing mode, so we set up in the area of tourism goods and goods in accordance with the previous marketing model to promote not only can make the goods form their own selling points in the Internet industry, play a role in the intermediary service provider between the user and the travel agency to achieve their own profit model.

value point introduction

travel goods = detailed travel information + large social network + Internet value-added service +RSS


project is Internet and the core of the traditional tourism industry social network and Internet service application based on

proliferationBased on the idea of the

two basic requirements: