China Eastern Airlines and where the network is accused of leaking personal information booking tick

Eastern Airlines and where the network was accused of leaking personal information

Mr. Pang in the where network booked to fly from Luzhou to Beijing China Eastern Airlines Co ticket, soon received a flight cancellations fraud SMS, he believes that their information is eastern and where the network leaked, bring infringement complaint, the defendant requested two apology and compensation for mental solatium 1000 yuan. The case yesterday in Haidian court hearing, the two defendants have denied disclosure of customer information.

Pang said that in October 11th last year, a line of two people interested in taking the company to operate where to buy a ticket from Luzhou to Beijing in the Eastern Airlines ticket in October 14th, and registered the relevant personal information. At 12:48 on October 13th, Mr. Pang received a message sent by the 0085255160529 number, the name of the message to clarify its name, flight number and other personal privacy information, and inform the flight canceled due to mechanical failure. After verification and Eastern Airlines, the message is not issued by the Eastern Airlines, and the flight has not been canceled, is a fraud sms. Mr Pang believes that the two defendants of disclosure of their personal privacy, just let the criminals to send SMS fraud, the two defendants should be a public apology on their official website, and compensation for mental solatium 1000 yuan.

fun to take the company agent, Mr. Pang ticket ordering platform in the company, but because of the need of the personal information to flow to the agents, and the airline flight information system, each link leaked information may exist, but do not rule out the plaintiff had to disclose their personal information on other occasions, therefore, Pang Mr. with only an unsolicited text messages that their personal information with the company’s disclosure was fun, not logical, and has no basis in fact. In addition, the interests of the company to take the booking platform has been encrypted for user information, and to send a message to the user at the same time will alert fraud alert information, as far as the confidentiality and duty to remind.

Eastern Airlines also denied the disclosure of Mr. Pang’s personal information, and proposed that the case involving criminal cases, according to the principle of the people after the first sentence, should first deal with criminal cases and then deal with civil cases. Which means the words find fraud SMS source, confirming the real criminals, to know which part of Mr. Pang leaked personal information. However, the agent pointed out, began to frequent passenger information SMS fraud cases from the end of 2013, the airline passengers suffered a similar case, the civil aviation authority is on such matters seriously, but as of now still can not determine the way of information disclosure. We call for passengers to enhance awareness, after receiving SMS fraud to the public security organs in a timely manner, China Eastern Airlines will fully cooperate with the public security organs of the detective work." Agent theory.

subsequently, Mr. Pang’s fellow Lu testified in court, to prove that it is responsible for booking, leave contact is their own, did not leave Mr. Pang’s phone number. I did not receive the relevant fraud sms." Lu said.

"did not register the plaintiff’s phone when booking, we can not know the plaintiff >