WeChat new marketing WeChat set praise

WeChat, the word for most people is not unfamiliar, so far WeChat has more than 600 million users, and more and more businesses are using WeChat to promote WeChat marketing. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about WeChat, to say that I WeChat some of the new marketing ideas.

I’m a big fan of WeChat, although easy to believe in the mobile phone and so on, with the same software, but not every hour and moment looks to WeChat, the first thing is to open the WeChat open eyes every day the circle of friends to see a friend we share what happy things. I will write a serious friend to read, reproduced the sharing of my general interest is not to see. Recently, there was always a friend to chat with me, let me give them something to share a "praise", because I began to pay attention to what they share. Seriously look at the next, most of the collection is how much praise to send prizes and other activities. We used to have fun because nothing to point to like, for everyone’s mood is just a praise in the end, did not expect there will be activities of these things. I am also a network marketing practitioners, a little like once so love actually will be many businesses use the fiery blue, I began to think about……

in my opinion is WeChat set like a new WeChat marketing way, without many friends resources, WeChat set like this activity can let more people to join them, also can let more people know this activity, even know their own brand, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion. The author also last week using the limited resources of a similar event, just to do a test, get 30 likes to give a gift, the first day of activities initiated by the views of this message was as high as more than 1 thousand and 600. A man has 30 friends to "like", and the 30 friends no one and there are 30 people to "like", assuming the staff is not repeated, then the browsing amount is multiplied, the promotion effect is not the traditional way of promotion to ratio. I began to think, how can this little function to play incisively and vividly?

first, the title to attract people. Friends of the share to friends circle only a few simple words, of course, the event title is only a little bit, the title must be brief and to the subject, let us look after clear, the goal is to let everyone know you this is a set of praise, praise is set to a reward.

secondly, that’s the prize. The prize to attract people, I think it is no problem what, most of the activities of the initiator are taken into account. Your prize value is not worth the time spent to collect so much praise, the problem of many businesses have taken into account, the intention to start businesses can also pay attention to this issue.

finally, kill two birds with one stone. Why third points I would say is when you have to kill two birds with one stone? Activities to share time, need to write some words to let friends know.