Ma Yun can’t say none of my business Hundsun OTC with capital big three by the Commission investigat

August 18th evening, Hang Seng electronics issued on the holding subsidiary of Hangzhou Hang Seng network technology services Co., Ltd. received notice of the China Securities Regulatory Commission investigation notice.

announcement shows that due to the alleged violations of the Hang Seng securities, futures laws and regulations, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to initiate an investigation on the Hang Seng network.

at the same time, major shareholders holdings, the national team into two shareholders

at the same time, according to Hang Seng August 18th announcement, the Hang Seng Electronics Group’s controlling shareholder of Hang Seng group yesterday by way of two market holdings of shares of the Hang Seng electronics. The total cost of holdings of about 40 million yuan, accounting for about 0.1% of the total share capital of the Hang Seng, Hang Seng group holdings after the proportion of Hang Seng electronics reached 20.72%.

also yesterday, Hundsun announcement also said the China securities financial Limited by Share Ltd and Central Huijin Investment Co through the purchase has held Hundsun 45952595 shares, the shareholding ratio reached 7.4%. According to the proportion, gold card company and Central Huijin total has become the second largest shareholder hundsun.

on the Hang Seng’s largest shareholder information also need to be popular in April 2014, Zhejiang financial letter to be cash transferee 100% stake in the Hang Seng group, the total transaction amount of about $3 billion 299 million. After the completion of this transaction, Zhejiang financial letter will hold 20.62% stake in Hang Seng electronics group. Information display, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma holds 99.1365% stake in Zhejiang financial letter, Xie Rong holds the remaining shares of Zhejiang financial letter of the remaining shares, after the completion of the transaction, Ma is the actual controller of the hang seng.

in the announcement the same day the survey released the holdings of major shareholders, the "national team" into the two shareholders of news, the Hang Seng is to do some hedge it for the former negative? # hinted at above was

by the Commission and


August 18th evening announcement said the company is also due to the same reasons mentioned above, the Commission is to initiate an investigation.

, according to media reports, flush and Hundsun is a criminal investigation, according to the development of financial speculation may be suspected of being outside the IT system with the company’s capital use. In addition to the two companies, but also received a notice of investigation there is another major industry company, Shanghai Ming chong. Although the system is for private sun industry development, but before the wave of the bull market, these systems are suspected of being with the company’s capital for use in the OTC financing business, which caused the attention of the Commission and other regulatory agencies.

early in the evening of July 13th, Chinese Commission spokesman Deng Ge said that in response to the Commission, 13 organizations law enforcement forces to the Hundsun, check the relevant clues, supervision of the relevant parties to strictly implement the relevant provisions of the Commission. It is said that