Take away This is the national day you want containing program package

National Day coming! Inspiration hasn’t come yet? Creative? Don’t worry! Mei Flower sincerely for finishing a part of all this year and in previous years the case, not to look for inspiration


annual National Day holiday is coming!

can’t wait to celebrate the birthday of the motherland,

?But in

, " " birthday; before the plan have finished, have to finish



recently, Mei flower see background message, are like this, " Mei flowers, there is no national plan, " " plum flower, the national day, beg programs " " plum flower, I did not think, how to do "?;……


strength pained you! Said, Mei Flower sincerely for everyone finishing a part of this year and in previous years in the

case, take away!

– copy —

National Day holiday, tourism has become a major highlight of the following collection of the most exciting travel copy for you, watching the minutes full of excitement.,

don’t you climb the mountain, only the morning peak, some people will only leave, some people know how to let go.

There is a zebra crossing on

road. Want to give, not into the store, only on the farm.

get rid of air freshener, only to go to the fresh air, the senior lounge not on the map,

only on earth.



as long as the price of half a square meter, South Korea Singapore Malaysia and Thailand have to play around in a circle;

one or two square meters price, the European and American countries also came back;

the next step was to plan to go to Egypt, South Africa, these more magical place;

over the years, you’ve been playing all over the world, and probably haven’t finished a kitchen price;

but at that time, your world view has changed.

life lies in experience, not in the square; rich in sentiment, not in the villa.

– Beijing, a travel agency advertising


the sky in the heart, the road in the soles of the feet, where do you go,


went to the mountain where you wrote your name and went to the sea where you had been waiting for a long time.

You want to


boundless, as boundless as the sea and sky?

you said you were 19 years old, this trip is absolutely not with parents

you said you were 39