Copyright support for combating online video piracy


Times News (reporter Wang Sheng) the day before, "the United Chinese network video anti piracy action" was officially launched in Beijing this action, the Secretary for the National Copyright Administration of copyright management said yesterday, will support the piracy of public interests against damage.

national copyright administration has been concerned about the media on China’s network video anti piracy joint action report. The national copyright administration has consistently supported the legitimate rights of the obligee. The dissemination and use of a work shall adhere to the principle of "respect for copyright and respect for creation", and shall abide by the provisions of the copyright law.

according to the relevant person in charge of the copyright management division, in recent years, the National Copyright Administration in the fight against piracy, regulate the order of network copyright carried out a series of work. Since 2005, the State Copyright Bureau in conjunction with the Ministry of public security, the Ministry and the national Internet information office to carry out the fight against Internet piracy "sword action" for 9 consecutive years, and the "antenna video website" television works of infringement, "tomato garden" website software infringement, "network" pirated Digital HD movies. A series of major cases, to close down a number of processing sites, a number of illegal workers, effective against Internet piracy.

in addition, the national copyright administration has also carried out the initiative to monitor the copyright of the video site, to promote the strengthening of copyright protection video sites, to carry out good faith management. The major video sites under the guidance of the State Copyright Bureau and other relevant departments, through a healthy competition and strategic cooperation, and jointly create a good network copyright environment. Currently, the national copyright administration has found that the impact of the impact of the player’s business model on the Internet copyright order and impact, will pay close attention to the dynamic. For all kinds of damage to the public interests of piracy, the State Copyright Bureau will be investigated and dealt with according to law, and resolutely crack down on.

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Baidu into a defendant claims up to 300 million

days ago, Youku potatoes group, Sohu, Tencent, video video LETV, Chinese Film Copyright Association (MPA), the American Film Institute (MPAA), and the Association jointly issued the "United China network video anti piracy declaration", said the joint fight against Baidu, Nora and other growing online video piracy and hotlinking behavior. Joint action sponsors also announced that Baidu, Nora has sued to court piracy cases were filed and one hundred, involving Baidu hotlinking piracy mobile video copyright works more than million, Baidu claims the resulting loss of 300 million yuan.