Quick taxi subsidies to upgrade to 11 yuan said one yuan higher than peers


technology news February 17th afternoon news, Alipay and quick taxi today announced that the upgrade subsidy scheme from 18 onwards: use a fast taxi and use Alipay scan code to pay passengers every single cash back 11 yuan; the driver with the APP collection, Beijing, Hangzhou, Hefei three first single award $50.

rewards program specifically, passengers using fast APP taxi and Alipay pay up by 11 yuan per unit; drivers with fast APP receivables, Beijing day award 10 single, single peak reward 11 yuan, single peak award 5 yuan; Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen day award 10 single, single peak award 10 yuan, single peak award $5.

addition, the first single Beijing, Hangzhou, Hefei, three places to reward $50, the first single reward of other cities 20 yuan.

According to statistics

, last week, the average daily volume of orders to use a fast taxi is increased by more than 110% during the spring festival. Quick taxi CEO Lv Chuanwei said the taxi software market need hard policy and service. Started in December last year, Alipay quickly took the lead in Beijing trying to access the mobile payment taxi service, and constantly increased incentives.

at the same time, the fast side said that the amount of its taxi reward will be higher than the peers a dollar. Nora (

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