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three months to create a profitable industry website

everyone says venture words should start from their most familiar field, I do this site is more in line with this condition: first, our website has been more than three years, has been running a local consumer information, electronic coupon website, website now is doing well, though no big investment, but the basic life is no problem, because early this website has accumulated a lot of experience, so do the new website is very targeted, and the target is very clear.

Dalian Railway Station:

talk in the Internet Marketer four years

always wanted to write what, no matter can write. It is also in the Internet industry for a long time, the industry said the deep and shallow shallow said, those who have always admired senior Internet analyst iResearch survey, and Chinese business that the senior editors, at least they can write something, at least can do a very thorough analysis very highly. There are several personal blog, but most of the content reproduced, the real sense of the article less and less. Recently this time feeling a lot, then write what thoughts again tapped the drums jump out. Due to the time of the car every day is very long, it is considered a long time, but it should be the words of Ma Yun, the night would like a thousand roads, get up in the morning to take the original road". Later determined to write something, it is the one they own wish, is a start.

I do two years travel website experience

love travel, and friends set up a blog type tourism website (URL happy tour is not open, so as not to be collected) before we two sisters are the most active in Anhui travel enthusiasts Association, each finishing a lot of the Raiders and travel diary, later simply from the blog evolved to a happy tour the web site.

Admin5 Adsense network is the poison of the webmaster feelings

and many lack of hard-working spirit, our college students are not the same. "The network is poison" has advanced commercial sense, when the new still follow the prescribed order in class – cafeteria – apartment 3.1 sent his time when the network is poison "and 32 friends founded the Lakes Community rash and too much in haste; when a student chat QQ chat network is be in full swing, poison but in order to start collecting digital small and special QQ; when the sophomore student took home the money the poison has network is the ideal setting for a couple in love, fun game community, not nostalgia go.

80 Internet upstart 6 years successful grassroots composed by

for 6 years, he workers from a stranger suddenly became the general manager of China instrument industry only entered the global Chinese 500 website. He ran the starry piano nets industry reputation with its high popularity and industry reputation, and many investors covet: people willing investment > 2005