On the way the actual articles rebate network promotion

rebate network such a popular online shopping market environment in the rapid growth of the emerging third party e-commerce platform model. We can see from the Taobao passenger income ranking. One of the huge profits. A website to promote the fastest and most effective way to promote: RMB promotion. This article does not discuss. I believe that friends come in more attention to how to promote free.

common network promotion methods: what soft text Forum micro-blog is not listed in this article. Most of my friends know. Then I will according to the rebate network promotion way I simply discussed under operation. Is to share the experience to everyone. The first addition to online promotion methods. I took a combination of online and offline mode.

first; because 2 of my friends around me are also doing Taobao. Two average daily shipments of about 50 single. I printed rebate network card. This card is registered to send 10 yuan in cash. The first batch of printed 1K Zhang to do the test. Two weeks after the statistics show that visitors come directly through the web site in stable: about 150 and has been rising trend. And these are potential customers. The first is Taobao real buyers. Second, as long as your card design is more attractive. Conversion rate will be higher. A month later stabilized at around 300 of the registration rate 20%-30%. of course this model does not necessarily all friends can have this condition. But as long as you can seize the opportunity to bring any side of your website development can bring traffic.

second ways to distribute printed cards directly. The location of choice: a CBD white-collar work area. Currently CBD office workers online shopping ratio is very high up to 70%-80%. The average daily distribution of 200-500. Card design must master some skills to attract the attention of advertising. Beautifully produced so as not to get the card directly throw trash. Relatively speaking, this kind of effect is not the first way. Registration rate can reach more than 15%

and a number of businesses to cooperate in the form of the card directly in the form of coupons to some supermarket cashier. Wait。 Hope that the above two ways can play a. Welcome to discuss. The first method I have been using the effect is very good. First of all, these flows are not through Baidu. But with some stable traffic will increase the weight of Baidu.


A5 network first, please indicate the source: the cat go kart rebate network: http://s.kadingmao.com/