From the Chinese people follow suit habits of network marketing low price and is still on the road i

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services are directed to the user, then the people of the "property" is often determines the network marketing status, as we blame the media is providing more and more information is "down to earth", not "serious", the real background of the user only taste in the same. Just as when we abuse the shameless men shameless woman, perhaps just because you don’t know how to identify themselves too much like people……

The essence of many, many things in

is that interaction. But in our emotion network marketing is not great at the same time, there is no thought, this is the current situation of domestic market.

midday rest, watch a video called "disguised as a Korean star on the China Street will have what effect?", to be honest, I wouldn’t normally click enter, because look at the name on the little harbour evil designs good, but, well, Enron was in point.

many people gathered to photograph and take pictures in "staff" asked "you love his film?" "no love", a lot of people the answer is "love, love" love ""…… Well, in some cases, has been unable to tucao.

take this example to tell you is a scene: when you put yourself into the South Korean star fan packaging appearance, beside a body are convex, Yan value of beauty, a dedicated "broker assistant", several foreign bodyguards come with an air of importance, several seemingly professional the photographer…… You can almost have the ability to follow the crowd were "confused".

and this technique is often used means of network marketing operators.

, for example, with star promotion, plus a brand, is a "Amoy brand"; for example, with good appearance, good promotion and good team millet; for example, a lot of hanging logo, a model of a specific field to dominate the area of small business……

They are between

with real brands distance, seemingly close, in fact wrong. Millet is from out of the success of the brand, naturally there are many successful Amoy brand case, but we want to discuss today are those that failed, hung "brand" hat of a class, they are what look like


summed up in one sentence, the use of people’s habitual thinking, follow the style of the characteristics of the introduction of a variety of imitation marketing.

specifically, they are like this:

for high-grade appearance, low price, make a glamorous appearance, inside the compression quality, reduce process cost; for more resources to do marketing, do promotion, look bigger, the product quality and content, only natural to shrink again……

this is the failure of many brands operating truth.

we should blame marketers serious "subtly malicious"? Perhaps this is before the date of the domestic market and to match it, "