Du Hong any opportunity and challenge will make portal site better and better

October 30, 2009, pleasant climate and beautiful scenery of Nanning, ushered in the sixteenth China International Advertising festival. This is China’s advertising industry’s annual event, which is Sohu finance from the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center report:

Yu Guoming: we have two women on the stage, one is the Sohu is Du total, one is the king of sina. Today it seems that we are not feeling as if the new media, especially I think they said Sina, Sina brand is good, but a bit like the Internet, "people’s Daily" in the past we have an impression that it was magnificent, robust. But the society has become so fast, with Sina and Sohu such portals in the new city has done what? I want to ask you to give us a brief introduction.

Sina chief operating officer Du Hong: I am Sina’s Du Hong. Yu teacher said the problem, in fact, I have heard some of this discussion, the portal is actually the site of the media. I’d like to talk to you in three ways. From the media point of view, whether it is the Internet, newspapers or television, first of all, I think there is no difference between traditional and new media, only innovative media.

from traditional media, Guangzhou daily also just said, we are doing the multimedia content and marketing, cross media or so from the media perspective, not only the traditional media, new media. From the portal, actually China portal with foreign portal, from speaking is very different from the first day, we are born, it is actually very suitable for China market, why do I say it? Because it is the whole point of view, we from the development stage, basically went through three stages.

is the first from the beginning of 1998, in fact until 2002 March, the portal to actually change is usually read, tour information, news and consultation, it can be massive, fast, at the same time, to a certain extent and in view the content of the formation of a set of communication and interoperability.

second from 2004 and 2005, slowly by the user on the network continue to create content, is the content we often talk about a few years ago, in fact the network content is changed, whether it is there are a lot of users or the content of the report reproduced.

third from 2007 to 2008, it is actually facing a fusion and fission fusion process, is actually the user how to create content and media content, and reproduced content to do a presentation to the user and browsing and network users a diversified content platform. At the same time, it will be based on the diversification of our geographic market to do the spread of personality.

so, in fact, it is the fusion of content from different forms. Fission is based on different needs it has a different way of transmission, which in fact I think it is the whole process of the development of network media.