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Hello everyone, I am a novice, a week ago to get a website, and now only RSS promotion, soft Wen ah, do what the link will not. The afternoon is a post asking how to do the chain. Don’t laugh at master, new progress together, this is my original, starting behind

RSS profile

RSS is a XML based language, is a description and synchronization of web content format, is currently the most widely used XML applications.

tongsudejiang: RSS is a website directly to the information sent to the user’s desktop technology, users can use the RSS reader to subscribe to the contents of their own interest, when the website content updates, users will see new information of the title and abstract, and can read the text. There are a lot of online RSS to read the site, the following are marked out a

RSS generates

can download existing programs on this site


note: I only PHP, other languages have not been tested. On the PHP version of UTF-8 has a little change after BUG, according to the instructions you will find is garbled, in 44 rssFeed.php mysql_query (" set names ".$charset."; ";) put him into the mysql_query (" set; names;’utf8’" OK). Other GBK and GB2312 versions have not been tested. However, there should be no problem, only UTF-8 will have this problem

RSS promotion

online RSS promotion site is relatively large, as follows, you can register to submit your own RSS source, I was registered on each site to subscribe to the two accounts of the promotion. I don’t get E.

the following text format is

site name brief description


code refers to how to put the code on your site link to the above url. Such as shrimp net code is: Url=$url $URL is the RSS address of your website. Visitors click this link will automatically jump to Google network can automatically subscribe to your website.

zhuaxia network: an online subscription website



Code: http://s.xiangu>

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