They told him to die 3 problems must be faced with fresh O2O

not long ago, every orchard was confirmed under its line of nearly a thousand stores have been closed, then, was living under the fresh O2O project "originally convenience also is offline, and a fresh and fresh rice China largest chain enterprises have recently reached a cooperation in baiguoyuan.


in fact, fresh electricity supplier to this step, the first step in the capital calm down. Entrepreneurs soon find financing increasingly difficult, they kept crying, by burning the money in exchange for market size VC. On the other hand, in the performance of financing data is poor, hopeless, they either live frugally, or choose to close down or heating.

it is worth noting that almost all fresh O2O platform giving yourself a bunch of live: the source of direct mining, store expansion, lightning distribution, financing to fund not only spent training habits of consumers, a lot of hit on the scale of expansion, but almost no echo, with little success.

there are indications that: in the past few years has been constantly optimistic about the capital, countless entrepreneurs to join in the fresh electricity supplier O2O fast survive it?

problem: the source of direct mining costs

Almost all

fresh O2O platform itself is the "origin direct mining", really can do little, in 8 years of fresh industry veteran Zhang Yong pointed out that "at present, the market has a lot of fresh electricity supplier is actually called from nearby farms to supermarkets and fruit wholesale market."

he said, the reason why the direct exploitation of the product as a selling point, in fact, is nothing more than trying to give consumers a low price and fresh awareness." For fresh electricity providers, origin direct mining can bring two benefits, one is the removal of middlemen exploit the price advantage, the second is to control the origin can be more timely information, such as weather, yield and quality. But really want to do direct mining of origin, in fact, will give fresh electricity providers, especially start-up companies to bring great pressure.

first, the input cost of the procurement process will be greatly improved. Platform to ensure that the category and more to meet the needs of consumers, which means that the platform needs to get involved in a number of origin, not to mention the human cost of inputs. Once the category increased, fresh platform and can not guarantee the sales of each product, and the order does not come, there is no bargaining nature of purchasing power.

secondly, the logistics cost from the source to the warehouse is not a small expenditure. O2O efficient, in order to quickly send the goods to consumers, a large number of points in each platform will spread to the city, a plurality of storage source products transported to each city (stores), to realize the reasonable allocation between storage (stores), these are not a short duration of time can be solved.

in addition to the construction of warehousing, cold chain logistics is also a major construction projects. Business School of The University of Nottingham Ningbo, this study shows that "to perishable products storage and does not have any infectious effect > at the lowest cost

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