This article tells you how to study dry cargo marketing to Airbnb and Uber

Abstract: in the marketing process, the user’s sense of participation is the first, to create surprises for users, the formation of the user community.


Airbnb and Uber have expanded rapidly over the past two years, and they will often be put together. On the one hand, because they share the economy to explore a more mature model, on the other hand, thanks to their excellent marketing on a global scale.

Airbnb founder said, 10 people love you, better than the 100 people like you". Airbnb and Uber have to do this thing, do not blindly pull new, but with the operation of each user, and the user side, is the formation of fans willing to tap water, the good reputation of the two everywhere sound, finally received rave reviews of the brand image.

this paper attempts to explore the success of Airbnb and Uber in marketing. Maybe we can find out from these cases, they are common, find some inspiration.

first of all, why should we put the two companies together to chat?

1 while exploring shared economic model

2 user groups similar to

two are shared economic platform, are the pursuit of quality of life consumption, so there is a great similarity in the user groups. They require the user to have enough trust in strangers, so users tend to have some avant-garde and experimental spirit, will not stick to the routine, the courage to try new things. Such people tend to be easy to be creative and emotional.

second, Uber is built in the pursuit of better commuting experience, and give up the consumption concept of cheap public transport that, while Airbnb is non traditional travel products, require the user to have leisure, need independent planning ability. These two decisions Airbnb and Uber user level is higher, the need for a certain level of consumption, the pursuit of quality of life, there is a sense of independence.

3 the same marketing selling point

they seek cross-border marketing, not simply the pursuit of the number of users and transactions. Promotion has become a regular play, but it is not a bright spot, the two have been widely recognized in the creative and emotional breakthrough. Born in the Internet business, but also keen on the Internet marketing, social networking, hot track, the emergence of the Campagin have increased their continued exposure. In addition, the user’s fans marketing, training products are absolutely loyal fans are particularly valued things.

so what can we learn from their marketing case,


1 advocate lifestyle, the value of the platform to achieve output

why do you want to choose Uber without China?

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