Analysis of the reasons for the rise of Taobao mall from the siege Taobao

Taobao mall to deposit and the technical service fee was increased by 10 times, the Taobao mall small sellers can go without the road, then assembled together, online uprising, siege of Taobao, only two days, more than 30 thousand people online xiaoju.

Taobao mall this incident is defined as "rogue violence", but if there is no public opinion, is unlikely to casually gather 30 thousand "mob".

and Taobao these small sellers from both historical and practical point of view, are the twin relationship with double. For small sellers, Taobao mall this price is not only hurt their immediate interests, but also hurt their feelings. Small sellers to raise a large Taobao, the results of Taobao eventually abandoned the small sellers." This is a widespread discontent.

has been the ecological structure is the structure of Pyramid Taobao sellers, bottom small sellers and no money, can earn a living with, some development tools, the strength of the big sellers in spire. While Taobao’s earnings should be the principle of 2/8, 20% of the big sellers, accounting for Taobao’s total revenue of $80%, while the number of small sellers occupy a large number of resources, only contribute to the proceeds of 20% of the total. This may be to make Taobao feel tangled place, so if Taobao mall to introduce more big sellers, big brands, to give them more traffic, Taobao will make more money.

In addition, B2C Jingdong mall, etc., in recent years, the rapid pace of development, a large number of brands stationed in China, has some of the Amazon look like

. Taobao mall because of historical reasons, C2C is still a "chassis", "run B2C" business, do not control the warehousing and logistics, so it still cannot provide the same Jingdong product quality assurance, logistics delivery speed and service details to ensure. This may make Taobao feel anxious.

+ tangled anxiety, may eventually make Taobao warrior arm, in order to improve the quality of Taobao mall, get back a strategic position in the field of B2C, improve Taobao mall margin and service fees, the small sellers to Taobao. The credit rating of users, Taobao mall small sellers hard accumulation will follow away, no retreat, indignation, to take drastic action to fight for oneself.

is now the emergence of this situation, in the final analysis, or the location of the original Taobao mall did not identify. If Taobao mall began to put a threshold set very high, others have nothing to say. Now do this, really a bit xiemoshalv taste, even if the law is not wrong, moral has lost points.

from another point of view, Taobao C shop, Muji, Taobao mall should be separated levels, opened the distance.

small sellers in the Taobao C store Liantan, has developed into Muji (small sellers), Taobao mall high threshold, only big sellers, big brands will be stationed. The flow of supply can be: Taobao C shop 3, MUJI 3>

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