Jingdong into Sephora bring a wave of beauty big


] May 7th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, the SEPHORA cosmetics retailer Sephora Jingdong launched the official flagship store.

Sephora Jingdong flagship

in addition to conventional big Jingdong store Sephora agent, free brand merchandise, and with the flagship store opened in the first exclusive products, Jingdong. And accompanied by a series of full reduction, coupons and other activities.

billion state power network found that the store SKU temporarily, according to reports, Sephora will put all fit in the subsequent business platform operator products and authorized to brand together into Jingdong, across the skin, makeup and perfume.

It is reported that in 1969

, Sephora founded in France in 1997, joined the world’s top luxury Brand Company LVMH LVMH group, with 1665 stores in 21 countries around the world. Entered China in 2005 and has 128 stores in 20 cities. Store products include skin care, hairdressing, beauty and perfume and other cosmetics category. In addition to acting big, in cosmetics, skin care, tools and other categories have their own brand.

in the electricity business, Sephora China website had to go the route, did not cooperate with the electricity supplier platform.

According to

billion state power network to understand, beauty in the big competition, the platform they spare no effort into Jingdong, in addition to Sephora, Tmall also stopped at a beauty brand, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Lancome, SK-II and Tmall Sasa in Hongkong opened a flagship store.

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