bought the food network to suspend delivery shopping website construction background cited concern

I bought the network by the world’s top 500 enterprises Cofco Corporation in 2008 to invest in the establishment of food B2C e-commerce website. Has been to create the largest and most China safe food shopping site "for the purpose, in the frequent food safety issues, food safety line has breakthrough today, pay attention to food safety has become a top priority of people’s life.

although the establishment time soon, not inside the field of electronic commerce to seize the opportunity, but the top Renmin aura, "COFCO’s brand" operation I bought the network in the B2C market is equivalent to a window to the authority of the State Department for the national consumers open, is a powerful guarantee of confidence. Since its inception, I buy network development is rapid development, overall expansion, in addition to the traditional leisure food, food, baby food, juice drinks, tea and liquor are contained, seamless coverage form in the field of food, Goods are available in all varieties.


I buy network several planning adjustment analysis

at the end of 2010, I bought net sales increased three to four times more than the beginning of 2010, sales reached about 50000000, in August 18th of that year when the first anniversary of "anniversary" is the daily record sales of more than 200 thousand orders per day from the beginning of the more than and 200 growth to more than and 500 single. This time can be regarded as a network I bought in the country’s largest and most professional B2C food website on the road a period of puberty. In between the rapid growth of business and deal with the outside world, I buy nets that, still need to fully run in order to better adapt to the needs of consumers, in order to service work to do more in place, intimate.

I bought the network online sales department manager Shang Yan said, had to do the planning, they are done in accordance with the company’s existing resources, but the rapid development of the market than originally expected, the problem now is that they own the speed of adjustment of the market can catch up with the pace of change has become the biggest challenge.

is different from the traditional sense of the e-commerce company, I bought the network architecture there are some different". I bought the network online sales department is not only responsible for online marketing network I bought, but also carries the network I bought from the front to the back of IT support, can be described as a multitasker, great responsibility. Has many years of experience in electronic commerce Chinese Nobel said, the internal structure set slightly conservative, positioning multiple functions in a body is not conducive to specific duties, due to overload when some convergence uncoordinated situation, upgrade the system failure and as a example.

Shang Yan, for example, the rapid increase in the number of SKU I bought net users average PV growth, has brought enormous pressure to which I bought the network bandwidth, the load increased by more than 50%, when the site access speed is slow, just think of to increase the bandwidth of transmission line; original warehouse planning is in accordance with the monthly increase of 200 kinds of commodity specifications do, but facing the huge demand of users, currently in a speed.

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