How to choose their own competitive product summary

bidding, be able to do it, and basic knowledge of network and their relationship is not large, the core is to see you is to do or not to do, it is time to meet in Shanghai, I tell you a word, I want everyone in the bidding, the absolute trust me. Then is to perform, then this sentence became the dogma of the bidding.

sometimes, a lot of things, we are scaring themselves, are not doing so, first think difficulty is very large, for example, to understand that we do the bidding auction, where to find ah? In case of the failure of investment do? Who will do the bidding advertising page, the phone is not 400 every company can apply for? So the use of space where I can’t upload ah?…

in fact, these are not a problem, and that this is a very small thing, then we are next to a one to explain how to do a good job bidding.

how to find advertising page? Then we give the proposal is to look for the ad page, and then compare the advertising page, while comparing the product to see what kind of product is more suitable for us to do.

1 ad page.

took a week to collect more than 100 advertising pages, is in the collection of words constantly, and then look at the display advertising pages, opening these advertising pages, then the site record, and the keyword to the record.

2 to confirm whether profit.

a week later, continue to search for relevant keywords, if there still exist this advertising, so that this advertisement is profitable, because the bidding period is generally not more than 3 days, 3 days without profit is closed, continuous delivery of a week or more advertising pages, so must be profitable, so still there is a week after the advertising page URL retained.

3 confirms web traffic.

then put these ads page address, input to the [url][/url], and then query their world rankings and the general flow at the same time, we should pay special attention to, is the flow diagram, the flow chart, basically can be expected out of this product has already put in a long time. Select the day IP over thousands of advertising pages, the day IP one thousand, the daily advertising costs will be a few hundred dollars, they can put in accordance with the launch of the degree, indicating that they gain more.

4 estimates its income.

highly competitive keywords, such as weight loss, return on investment than in about 1 than 3, investment 100 yuan to earn 300 yuan, the average price of IP yuan in 0.30, 1000IP advertising pages, advertising is expected to consume 300 yuan, is expected to earn more than 900 yuan.

through the above four steps, you can filter out a number of advertising pages, the characteristics of these ad pages

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