Zong Qinghou said that the electricity supplier luckily didn’t be fancy fancy is doomed

NPC and CPPCC each year, the National People’s Congress, Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou is always the focus of. This year is no exception, from the cancellation of car purchase limit line to 80, 90 after the loan to buy a house, from the enterprise to land compensation, always do not forget to Zong ordinarypeople.

this year, Zong carrying 12 bills, including the fight against Internet rumors, the examination and approval system reform, food safety, environmental control, vehicle exhaust control etc.. In his compilation of manuals, proposals to combat Internet rumors were ranked first. Zong Qinghou said last year the company lost 5 billion yuan network rumors, which directly led to the decline in performance.

in recent years, Wahaha is trying to do cross-border restructuring, but the results do not contribute, therefore, the outside world that he had no new ideas in these areas. When the "daily economic news" reporter (hereinafter referred to as NBD) asked about wow haha there are no transformation direction, Zong laughed, he said: "it should be said that the direction is some."

talk about approval:

change to pay the certification fee

NBD: how do you see the new economic normal, how to find a new growth point of China’s economy


Zong Qinghou: there are three main points. First, the transfer of surplus industries, these industries are now very difficult to adjust in the country, the total is also learning to solve the problem of excess industry. Like steel and cement we have excess, but other developing countries do not, like some countries in Africa, cement steel is very expensive. These suggest that industry Baotuan go.

second, aimed at the introduction of European technology talent, can be used for the transformation and upgrading of China’s enterprises. Third, to solve the problem of increasing income and medical education, medical insurance and other issues.

NBD: what is the biggest difficulty in the real estate business? The impact of the reform of the administrative examination and approval of the enterprise


Zong Qinghou: now the real estate business development difficulties, on the one hand, higher taxes, there is a reform of the approval of the stuck, mainly in the Ministries Level stuck. The examination and approval system reform, the State Council said is resolved more than and 600, local government said to solve the 2/3, but the enterprise was not relaxed. For example, food and beverage business license, we have already reached the standard of the enterprise, but now each product is a license, have to ask the experts to certification, certification fees. Wahaha want to drink for a change, but also to the certification fee, otherwise the enterprise cannot produce.

NBD: Wahaha has hundreds of varieties, each variety certification that how much time


Zong Qinghou: approval time to look at, but generally no two months is uncertain, if it is a small business, that time longer. For example, oxygen rich water, the Ministry of Health approved, but Guangdong does not buy it, every place to go to the group. In some places, you can’t understand the standards.

now there are a lot of need for approval of the third party certification, such as corporate investment needs of the feasibility report. Third party certification will have to spend a lot of money to find a designated unit, this

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