Enterprise meager marketing from SEO control

has always been dismissive, however, a number of celebrities and grassroots Bo Bo settled, suddenly let me realize the meager promotion effect. 6 hours on the number of fans over the twtter, it seems that we must learn Chinese, ha ha. A real word. What is the subtle nuances, I would like to join the mobile client, a simple mobile phone surfing, a trend.

With the rise of

, meager marketing has become an important research direction of network promotion personnel. After all, promotion is not just seo. There are places where the flow of promotion. Today to share with you the next two months to study the discovery of meager marketing.

is the first to pay attention to the source of the original saw Obama during the campaign, an important weapon of competition is slim, the meager team behind him every day to focus on his voters, and voters chat interaction. Think of a leadership power background so large, can chat with you in the small small household affairs, listen to your advice. This positive factor plays an important role in selecting victory.

enterprises in the marketing of several features:

1. You want to express your meaning in only 140 words, you need to have a better ability to control the text

2. Can directly attract your target customer groups

3. Low cost, and other promotional methods, such as SEO, Forum promotion, the traditional blog promotion, meager can let the company’s people to participate in

small promotion method:

1. Spend money with prizes

in China, the recruits to the extreme should be Cai Wensheng brother, send iPad, send iPhone, and hundreds of thousands of things. The effect is beyond imagination, 100W followers.

observation, which is not a small amount of tens of thousands of forwarding.

then, we also see that many companies launched a promotional form to send prizes.


2. Online games or competitions to enhance your visibility

suitable for industry website, local site, buy a kind of network. To carry out the activities of the forum to small activities.


3. Good data collection and data analysis

meager, often search related topics with you, is one of the important sources of data, to understand what we are concerned with the promotion of your products, to carry out small promotion.

4. Release information, add your friend’s name, the name of @+. Friends can let the first time forwarded your meager.

but can not add oh.

5. Small promotion also requires team


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