How to make your business information better hidden in the soft

he is a swordsman, a 2002 article "the merchant’s tears" is the issue of a large amount of the "reader" magazine, which in fact is not, it is worth mentioning that the network rumor: women writers in a domestic famous, even plagiarism in this paper. Now it is difficult to read the text, because now the "swordsman" love low-key, secretive habits ", whether is it a" knife or sword or knife, sickle, every cut you a sword, dead also crippled; or a day you a bit of a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, blood, sooner or later to go to hell. The problem is really down to consumers or customers? While you bleed while others blood how to do


now brazenly soft like a shot fly, soft sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as small angle full, while software writers became "cheap text workers", because of the large number of workers also joked as "mosquito". When a group of mosquitoes flurry, only thinking of "mosquito", to overthrow the glasses, suddenly asked: how to make soft as a "category" marketing? How to make text more effective? This "implicit" business information really promising? Those flies masters did what


soft is because of the mandatory advertising leads consumers to produce cognitive resistance later as constantly used anesthetic, antibodies, whether it is the dissemination of newspapers and magazines or network soft, when consumers glancing to, ah! This is when the soft – not see; when the website editor or forum moderator look: This is to remove the soft package, unless you give bonus money. Quantitative qualitative change, and the soft, how to write good soft Wen decide on what path to follow?? I think we can start from the following aspects:

1 original

to help search engines, is conducive to optimizing; and to copy and paste a lot of people have seen, probability of being reproduced, click, recommended is reduced; if the search engine from the perspective of a pseudo original, is to take the network search out the article editor, general practice is to end the re written words in 100-200 words. Of course。 Other paragraphs are to be modified for specific uses.

2 value

soft writing must be clear is to see who? Where will launch? To think from the perspective of the reader, the text has what value to them? Moral aspects such as learning, entertainment, we are often sent to some friends say what information QQ certain things, to reprint, to share with you.

3 topic

in the marketing process, we will find that the sales staff has a set of rhetoric, referred to as. But in fact, the topic is better than words. Topic is relatively easy to cause Internet users interaction, hot, it is best to erupt into a network event". We will see a lot of online articles are with "broke the news"

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