From Putin next summer or when the president to see the site to promote speculation

learning network promotion today have the opportunity to interview Mr. Wang Tong about how to run a personal website, as a webmaster I is very happy, specially for everyone in the evening idea of an article published in the original interview to promote learning, see text below.

yesterday I conceived a speculation to promote the site, from the point of the effect of egg or received more than shoes, but as a person engaged in website promotion, I am responsible for the majority of owners, now do some supplement to the speculation website method yesterday. Here I would like to talk about:

today I see "Global Times" found an article, rumors about Putin next summer when the president’s report, written in good, but also in the "Global Times" of the plate is also good, I believe that more than one person I noticed this news, yesterday I saw many of the article might take this to the hype, here I do some


website is speculation, but I want to say is that you’d better not take this to the operation, although it has fairly good heat, but you have to understand from the hype space, national political, military, it is best not to hype, such speculation is that efforts to control, often brings not only not good, on the contrary may lead to some unnecessary trouble.


hype is a big state of promotion, the general situation of the results of speculation, not immortal, is possessed by the devil, speculation that kind of politics is often zouhuorumo.

In fact, there are a lot of hype

hot, you do not have to look for political, military. Or Panlong, Panlong is a hot spot, you can use it for speculation, speculation about how, I here to introduce a speculation scheme, of course this is a small range of speculation, Panlong inside a hero, you can be a little role to construct novel, of course small, what a cool name like "XX" what Panlong rumor like ah, and then in the novel the appropriate places to insert links to your site, so a reprint can bring more than just traffic problem! I always think of the brain is quite flexible, especially those who are good at promotion website that is really not an ordinary master ah. So the next speculation on your own idea, what do not know where you can contact me, I will not regularly published several articles on the A5, but because of my site is also on the website promotion of learning, so more attention will be placed on the promotion of learning, some good. A good method to promote the site is also in the promotion of learning (,

feel shy!

promotion plan to learn a website speculation on the promotion of the topic, when you want to go to the end, I guarantee absolute originality, but also hope that the majority of webmaster contribution.

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