Some common methods of using QQ to promote website

QQ Tencent Inc announced in early March this year while the number of online users exceeded 100 million, the conclusion is Tencent many products, many users, many potential customers. Such a huge amount of users, can not help but think of using QQ to do promotion, share my experience to do QQ promotion.

a, QQ group

QQ group of the total number of Tencent has more than 5 million, if you do this, QQ group on the flow is very large. Collect relevant QQ group, the more the better.

1, QQ group chat.

to collect a lot of funny pictures, QQ expression, I believe we all know that when the group of the time to send a special picture, a classic picture will be transferred from one group to another group, a large number of communication. If we collect these pictures, or make some funny pictures (of course, this will be a technology), plus their own website, and then sent out.

2, group space

some group space is more active, and in the group space made a message will prompt. Don’t send advertising, be careful of the Lord will be playing, can send with the website related articles, web site can appear in the signature.

3, group mail

this must ensure that the group opened a group mail function. Mail can be made into a card, with the address, coupled with good music, there must be something of value, it is likely to be forwarded.

email title should be set to attract people. Another point: we must pay special attention to the use of QQ group mail, because it is a mail pop-up function, it must make good use of, if you did not take good use of it, your group of mail conversion will be very poor! Pop show is the title of the message, the title is not too long, too long, that not all! The most reasonable words in less than 13 words


4, group activity

if your campaign is very attractive, there will certainly be people to participate, the effect of publicity is good, but through the administrator of the audit.

two, personal space

QQ space is more suitable for website promotion and service support. QQ active users have more than 300 million, while the probability of opening QQ blog is more than 80%, this data is so huge.

1, space log

write for reprint articles, often see a fascinating article and then end with a curse not reproduced, though a bit immoral, but the effect is very good, a little moral blessing written on reproduced words, some people want to hear good things. If your article is reproduced in large numbers, and there is a link with the site, the site to bring amazing traffic.

when you publish an article, your QQ space friends boarded his QQ space will be prompted by the system, so that through the update of the article >

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