How to maximize the value of soft advertising

is currently more applicable to a free way to promote the promotion of soft Wen, a good article can detonate a product, soft Wen released in major forums, communities, etc.. At present, the Taobao forum strictly limit the advertising, so the post must be done to hide some of the ads, no advertising settings, once the post heat up, it is also a shop to do a three-dimensional promotion.

how to write soft

conception — direct target customers

know we belong to the industry and products, adhere to the "people I have, and I, the writing principles of new me fine" to create a high level of soft, we do not have any restrictions on the soft stage, suitable material of all sorts, what can be a good material for us. Our material can be a function of the product and the use of methods, can also be the experience of sharing, you can participate in an activity, can be a certain news. In these material, we should try to choose Internet users are interested in, and then to innovation, to add. After the selection of these materials, we have to cut our advertising invisible to this article, to create a high-quality soft Wen out. Don’t simply write articles, those who left the literature to do, we are the network operators, the pursuit of value is the primary, we must be able to create a certain value to our business, the stealth advertising to acme.

title – stimulate target customers

forum website article, flying all over the sky, some people think that as long as I write the content will be good for concern, is where the gold is shining! This idea, can’t say he was wrong, but not to. Soft text of this piece of gold on the Internet can not light, only to create a good title is necessary. In this great forum Taobao, our article can only show the title, the title of the role is to stimulate the eyes of the target customers and put him in.


ring target customer


must write depth, plus our conception, material and title, then this placement we can write a high level of soft wen.

we have a common form of text in several forms:

emotional text

emotion has always been an important medium of advertising, emotional transmission lethality, targeted. The text can be "never to Taobao computer shop shopkeeper hard" as the main content, of course, in the text of this article, we can not let any one place to advertise, this is the recessive propaganda of our shop. Our store into the feelings of the target customers can hate this kind of advertising, administrators can also put us as an advertisement to delete it?. The biggest characteristic is that it can move people, so in our soft Wen promotion, we might as well try this kind of emotional marketing".

story text


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